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No Anger No Violence is the newest provider of Certified Anger Management Facilitator training in the S.F. Bay Area. 

             Licensing agreements are now available throughout the United States.

Our staff has been trained using the Conover Company model for Anger Management.

For scheduled Facilitator Certification and other Seminars, click here: No Anger No Violence Certification Seminar Schedule. 

The No Anger No Violence model of anger management is the most effective and most widely recognized curriculum in the world. We currently have Certified Anger Management Facilitators in the United States.

The No Anger No Violence adolescent and adult curricula is now available in Spanish and English.

       The No Anger No Violence Anger Management/executive Coaching Program is used by Physician Well-Being Committees, Medical Quality Assurance and Hospitals.

 No Anger No Violence

On-site Training in Anger Management

On-site workshops or presentations regarding anger management, civility or emotional intelligence are now available nationwide for businesses of all sizes. These are available in half-day or full-day format.  Workshops are developed to meet the specific needs of the audience. Generally, each workshop will begin with the Anger Management Assessment. This assessment is a map which provides a baseline of the participant’s level of functioning in recognizing and managing anger, stress, communication and emotional intelligence. A fifth category is motivation to change.                


Feedback regarding the results of this assessment is given in a group format while preserving confidentiality Workshops involve formal presentation, active participant engagement, DVDs, role-play and shared discussion.  


Executive Coaching/Anger Management for  High-Profile Clients                

In response to the need for a one on one individual and sensitive intervention coaching model for all services providers. No Anger No Violence is now offering a twelve-hour coaching program with 6 months of aftercare for “disruptive managers”. This course is available at our Bay Area offices or on-site seven days a week anywhere in the United States. The No Anger No Violence Executive Coaching/Anger Management Program™ is listed in the Directory of Physician Assessment and Remedial Education Programs, Federation of State Medical Boards.


Components of the course include:

One day, on-site observation (optional)

                Comprehensive Emotional Intelligence Assessments are given at intake, focusing on the participant's level of functioning in managing stress, anger, communication and emotional intelligence.

We do not provide psychological testing, nor is our intervention considered counseling or psychotherapy.

Therefore, there are no stigmas attached.

"The Practice of Control", the new No Anger No Violence Physician client workbook, includes didactic information and exercises focusing on enhancing emotional intelligence, improving assertive communication, as well as behavioral strategies for recognizing and managing anger and stress.

Post-test at completion designed to determine the level of change during the course.

Bi-monthly follow-up sessions are provided for a six-month period when needed.

Our services are provided with the utmost in confidentiality for all participants.

No Anger No Violence is the Preferred Provider for Kaiser Permanente Health Maintenance Organization of Northern California. 

 For more information, call our office today at:  707.631.0276  or   email us at:

 Anger Management Classes

Increase Your Success in Work and Marriage

Introductory Anger Management Class

No Anger No Violence  will meet  Every  2nd  and  4th Saturday’s  of the month

9:00 am - 12:00 noon


Rev.  Dr. Niinana Kweku 

( CAMF )  for  California  Association Anger Management  Facilitators

2550  Hilborn Road,  Suite  220

Fairfield, CA     94534


Call our office today

Mobile #  :  707.631.0276



                                                Online Consultations                                                             

No Anger No Violence offers online consultation and supervision in the areas of anger management and batterer's intervention. For each service provided, the recipient will receive a professional, confidential, and descriptive response, which may include resources, feedback, information, referrals and marketing advice.


Unlimited Monthly Email Dialog
With this service, you can email Dr. Niinana Kweku as many times as you wish, and receive a detailed, descriptive, and beneficial response each time usually within 6-12 hours.

Individual Email response
With this service, you can email Dr. Niinana Kweku once, twice, or as many times as you wish. You will receive a prompt, detailed, and informative response. The fee for this service is set per mail transaction.

Phone Consultation (50 minutes):

For many people, direct communication by phone is preferred.

This type of consultation can be arranged on an as needed basis.


Fee Structure

  • Unlimited Monthly Email Dialog: $150.00
  • Individual Email Response: $25.00 per email transaction


                                  Interested?   Contact us!                                        

$150.00 includes registration, workbook, Tips for Managing Anger booklet.


Mobile #  :  707.631.0276


An excellent  Gift  for a special person.

Accelerated Anger Management Class

This 8 hour course is designed to meet the needs of clients who wish to avoid attending classes on a weekly basis.  

Rather than attending weekly classes, it is now possible to enroll, complete the assessment and attend this course until the required number of classes have been completed.


Rev.  Dr. Niinana  Kweku 

Mobile #  :  707.631.0276

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